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Information about the purpose of processing, the personal data are intended for and about the data retention period

One of the principles of personal data processing is the purpose limitation principle. According to this principle, personal data may be only collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and must not be further processed in a manner that is incompatible with those purposes.
Personal data processing has to be closely linked to the purpose of the personal data processing, in particular as regards the list or extent of the processed personal data, which should be necessary to achieve the purpose by processing of the particular personal data. It is not right to extend the list or extent of the personal data artificially or additionally with respect to the purpose. If the purpose and list or extent of the personal data has been laid down by law, it has to be respected; If the list or scope of the processed personal data is determined by the controller, it shall make sure not to extend it unnecessarily, outside the purpose.
The Personal Data Protection Act lays down the obligation of the controller to provide the data subject with information about the purpose of personal data processing, his/her personal data are intended for, even in the event that the personal data are not collected from the data subject directly. The data subject has to be provided with such information at the latest when collecting his/her personal data, or sufficiently in advance, clearly and legibly, in a way that he/she could truly become familiar with such information and understood it.

Therefore, we process your personal data to comply with legal obligations in the field of taxes and accounting, to satisfy a contractual obligation (delivery of goods or provision of customer service), marketing (sending information about products and goods of the Controller), customer profiling and registration on our portals.

Time of personal data processing or information on the criteria for its determination:

Your personal data is processed in shortest time possible. Most often, we will eliminate all your personal data that we process in a safe manner immediately after we have settled our contractual obligations or after you have revoked your consent to the processing of personal data or after the expiry of a reasonable period of time with respect to the principle of minimization of storage under Article 5 (1) e) of the General Data Protection Regulation that manages the storage of personal data.
As the Controller we will ensure the deletion of personal data without undue delay after:

  • all contractual relationships between you and our Company have been terminated; and / or

  • all your commitments to our Company have disappeared; and / or

  • all your claims and requests have been answered and solved; and / or

  • all other rights and obligations between you and our Company have been settled; and / or

  • all the processing purposes specified by the law or processing purposes that you have given us consent to have been fulfilled if the processing was carried out subject to the consent of the person concerned; and / or

  • the period for which the consent was granted has expired or the person concerned has withdrawn the consent; and / or

  • the request of the person concerned for the deletion of personal data was met and one of the reasons justifying the request was satisfied; and / or

  • there was a decisive legal fact for termination of the purpose of the processing and at the same time the protective retention period defined with respect to the principle of minimization of the retention period of personal data expired;

  • and at the same time there is no more the legitimate interest of our Company, we have ceased all obligations of our Company set forth by generally binding legal regulations requiring the retention of personal data of the person concerned (mainly for the purpose of archiving, tax audit, etc.) or that would not be possible without their preservation.

Any randomly obtained personal data will in any case not be further systematically processed for any purpose. If possible, we will inform the person concerned about the accidental data acquisition and, according to the nature of the case, we will provide the person with the necessary co-operation to restore control over his or her personal data. Immediately after carrying out these necessary actions aimed at solving the situation, we will eliminate all accidentally acquired personal data in a safe manner.

If you are interested in further information on the specific retention period of your personal data, please contact us via the contact details provided at our web site.

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