Turnkey security project

This is one of the legal obligations under §19 of Act no. 122/2013 Coll.

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With us, you get:

  • a lawyer's draft treaty of confidentiality,
  • operator brokerage contract,
  • analysis of the current state of processing of personal data and used information systems,
  • regular notifications of changes in the law,
  • cooperation in the event of an inspection from the Office for Personal Data Protection,
  • expert consultation and advice,
  • the number of documents required to comply with the law in accordance with §21, §11, §10, §25,
  • insurance up to EUR 60,000.

You may be fined for failing to comply with this obligation (amount of the fine is min. 1.000 and max. 200.000 EUR)

Price from 139€

We now provide the option of paying in installments without any raisings for government and budget organizations

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Vypracovanie Bezpečnostnej dokumentácie v zmysle GDPR od 139€ s poistením.

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